Returnable Packaging: Dunnage & Material Handling

Moulded foam dunnage, most commonly black expanded polypropylene (EPP) is used extensively within the returnable packaging and automotive industry. Material handling fulfils the crucial role of ensuring the protection of high value products and parts in transit throughout the entire supply chain from manufacturing to the production line.

Dunnage manufactured in EPP offers considerable benefits over other solutions;

  • Durability - offers a fully reusable and returnable packaging solution
  • Lightweight - provides reduced transport costs
  • Energy absorption - reduces handling and transit damage
  • End of life recyclable

Returnable packaging has a very long life span, however units can be easily replaced if they suffer any wear and tear. Any old mouldings are recycled which helps to reduce overall waste in the supply chain.

Cost Effective Protection for the Supply Chain

Bespoke designed returnable packaging protects valuable components by preventing surface damage and breakages during handling;

  • Improved container loading and reduced unit cost
  • Packaging cost spread over its lifetime use
  • Reduced packaging volume on return journey
  • Reduced part reject rates – preventing production stoppages
  • Reduced waste

Accredited to ISO/TS1649

Our expertise in the field of foam moulding includes an accreditation ISO/TS16949 at two of four UK sites (Spennymoor & Northampton). This demonstrates Engineered Foam Products commitment to continued improvement in working practises and product quality.