The logistics of shipping pharmaceutical products requires a different approach to that of standard goods. In many cases temperature control is required to ensure that contents remain viable once they reach their destination.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) offers outstanding thermal properties and remains the material of choice because of its thermal and cushioning benefits.

Vacutainer Trays

 Tolerance control during manufacture of the vacutainer tray is critical to achieve the thin 2-3mm narrow walls allowing up to 100 vials to be held securely in place. To achieve the intricate wall thickness, a special small bead is used during manufacture rather than standard EPS grades which would not achieve the tolerance required.

  • Specialist tooling ensures the required finish and quality
  • Used for transit and storage and are reusable
  • Moulded in white to reflect sterile and clean conditions
  • Trays are 100% recyclable