Whether you are a supplier of frozen fish preserving the catch of the day or a catering company transporting your fine foods to an event. We offer a standard poly box range and a range of deluxe reusable boxes to meet your needs be it for frozen or chilled goods.

Temperature Controlled Packaging

Supplying the food and drink sector since 1982, JB Packaging understands the fast and reliable service required in this industry.  Our wide range of temperature controlled packaging options is available to buy from our JB Packaging website.

Providing both EPS and EPP boxes suitable for weights from 0-25kg gives you the versatility to pack a wide variety of produce including:

  • Fresh Fruit and Veg
  • Artisan Mail Order Foods
  • Meals on Wheels
  • Wedding Cakes
  • Fishing Bait
  • Pet Food

This list just scraps the surface but helps to demonstrate the versatility of our insulated boxes.

If you are searching for a specialist food packaging solution bespoke to your business please get in touch to discuss you requirements.