Appliance Packaging

Effectively designed packaging can produce significant cost savings through the reduction of transit damage and return rates. Whatever your product, Engineered Foam Products will design you an efficient solution which optimises space and provides protection, while keeping costs down throughout the supply cycle from assembly to reaching the end customer.

Boiler Packaging

High value boilers require functional, robust packaging to keep the boiler secure in transit and protected against warehouse handling damage.

Key Benefits

  • Dual density areas prevent strapping cutting into the pack
  • Recesses moulded into house loose parts & user guide

Cooker Packaging

Large, heavy items require a multi-material approach which can include an EPS top, base, front buffer and side panels, edge-guard as well as a  corrugated top cap and base tray that is shrink-wrapped ready for despatch. 

Integrating other materials into the pack such as wood provides additional strength to impact zones providing the best possible protection for warehouse movement and transit.

Efficient packaging design also gives consideration for adapting to future models.

Key Benefits

  • Universal packaging that covers multiple cooker styles
  • Multi cooker packs can created significant annual cost savings
  • Cleverly designed mouldings can eliminate the requirement for seperate packaging for loose components and accessories
  • Easy stacking and palletisation