23 March 2018 | Article

Foam Products exhibited HOTBIN Composting at the Garden Press Event, marking the start of the new growing season in the UK.

The Garden Press Event is a major horticultural event in the UK. Foam Products took this opportunity to promote the benefits and environmental credentials of its HOTBIN Composting system to influential members of the horticultural press and media.

HOTBIN is an innovative hot composting bin that efficiently composts all domestically produced food and garden waste. HOTBIN reaches internal composting temperatures between 40-60°c producing mature compost in just 90 days. This is 32 times faster than a cold compost bin. In addition to composting waste faster than others, HOTBIN is easy to use, and requires no tumbling or turning of contents.

The Garden Press Event brings together over 300 members of the horticultural press and media to learn about news, product launches and trends from the gardening industry to form the basis for press articles and features in the coming year.

Despite this year’s surprising wintery conditions in London, the event was well-attended. HOTBIN received positive feedback from current owners of HOTBIN composting bins regarding performance and also received enthusiasm from other industry members attending the event.

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