15 May 2018 | Insights

Just in case you needed some more convincing, here are 5 reasons to choose Engineered Foam Products!

1. Dedicated sales support team

In 2011 we created a 4 strong sales support team to provide a central project management service for all our customers. This gives customers a single point of contact to ensure:

  • Effective and efficient project communications
  • A smooth transition of your products into one of our manufacturing sites
  • High product quality and performance

The team coordinates communication between quality, production, warehouse and customer service departments ensuring you get frequent project updates and any potential problems identified quickly.

2. Real life testing facilities

We have full state of the art testing equipment at our Northampton technical centre to fully simulate and evaluate the transit process of your product to ensure the correct packaging performance. From simple 10 point drop tests through to full packaging tests, we can prove design concepts for fit and function before laying down tooling.

Prototypes may be built in house by hand or CAD designs milled on our CNC machines for customer evaluation and testing as required.

3. Material range

We offer an impressive array of cost effective materials like Expanded Polystyrene EPS, Expanded Polypropylene EPP, co polymers, heat resistant and flame retardant foams. We’ll help you choose the right material, density and colour for your applications to ensure your product works and performs as you intended.

4. More than a foam moulder

We have other capabilities we can offer to enhance your project further.

  • Dual density – Define specific areas of a mould in different densities
  • Insert moulding – Metal & plastic parts can be moulded into the component
  • Surfacing – Achieve an ‘A’ surface finish by applying a tool texture or meshing

We can also perform secondary assembly operations so your moulded components reach you ready to be fitted.

5. A focus on long term success

Whether you’re choosing foam for energy management, impact absorption, weight optimisation or insulation we have the experience and knowledge to manufacture your project through from concept.

At Engineered Foam Products we pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and our ability to deliver superior moulded foam solutions at the most competitive cost.

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