17 May 2019 | Insights

At the recent ARPRO® industry event, Foam Products were nominated and won the Best Environmental Performance Award as voted by industry peers.

Engineered Foam Products has invested in processing equipment in both the Northampton and Spennymoor plants, which results in higher density EPP being used as the base material. The process facilitates Engineered Foam Products expanding high density EPP beads on site to the required product densities.

The impact of this reduces the number of vehicle deliveries from JSP in France to the UK. In addition, greater production flexibility and supply chain security is achieved to keep customer order lead times and delivery performance at a high level.

The key benefit is the significant reduction in the number of vehicle loads and the resultant environmental impact. Over one year, this equates to a reduction of around 60 tonnes of CO2 emissions. This saving will reinforce our commitment to environmental impact reduction and maintaining our ISO 14001 performance.

This achievement has deservedly been recognised by the industry through this award.

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