5 October 2017 | Article

Engineered Foam Products has won a Green Space Business Award from Keep Britain Tidy for rejuvenation work at the King George V playing field in Ferryhill, England.

The playground was run down, vandalised, and needed to be remodelled to be safer for the local community to enjoy. To make the rejuvenation of the playground possible, Engineered Foam Products’ team at their Spennymoor, England site, joined forces with one of their customers, Notts Sport.

Engineered Foam Products provided the safety surface for the space, which included Notts Sport Childs-Play system. This system incorporates impact protection tiles. The tiles are made of expanded polypropylene (EPP) foam manufactured at the Spennymoor site. EPP foam impact protection tiles provide cushioning that absorbs the shock of children when they fall from a height.

The cost of the entire project totaled £86,000 ($116,000).To aid in the completion of the project,  Engineered Foam Products contributed £20,000 ($27,000) making them the second-largest contributor.

It took 18 months to get the project to fruition following an initial visit to the park in 2015. The Spennymoor team’s patience and persistence were rewarded when the site re-opened this May, receiving its own independent Green Space Award on top of our business award. Furthermore, working on the project has strengthened and enhanced customer-supplier relationship between Engineered Foam Products and Notts Sport.

The way in which we approached the Ferryhill project, using our products and getting Notts Sport involved, really was inspiring. We made ‘what we do’, ‘who we are’ and the value we place on our employees, a very real part of the project. It was that partnership – between employees at the Spennymoor plant, the HR team, senior management, our sales team and Notts Sport that made this project such a success.

— Amy Telford, Senior HR Officer

Engineered Foam Products’ expanded polypropylene (EPP) impact protection tiles were the best solution for this project and exceeded the expectations set for the task. Our EPP tiles are durable which guarantees a long life, lightweight, requires little maintenance, and are 100% recyclable which reduces landfill costs significantly at the end of the products life. In addition, EPP tiles absorb the energy from falls which make them the perfect solution for a children’s playground.

Valuable contribution

The Green Flag Awards team had been truly moved by Engineered Foam Products’ approach, which is why they singled them out for recognition with the business award. 

The Engineered Foam Products is a proud supporter of the Green Flag Award scheme as part of our charitable partnership with Keep Britain Tidy, which aims to eliminate litter, improve local spaces and end waste through various programmes, services and campaigns. Since 2014, we have supported its work through financial donation and employee volunteering.

The role of community groups and local businesses such as Engineered Foam Products in supporting these spaces, is therefore, more vital than ever. 

Jonathan Haddock, Managing Director of Engineered Foam Products, represented the partnership by presenting the awards at the Green Flag award ceremony in Hull. “The partnership is a really good fit for Engineered Foam Products, we are part of our local areas and this is one way of helping these communities, whilst engaging our employees,” he said. “We were very proud to be a part of the programme. Packaging gets bad press because of littering. Although we do great things for the environment with our supply cycle thinking and Recycling division, one way we can recognise playing our part in issues such as litter, is by supporting such initiatives.”

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