Key Services

Engineered Foam Products is a premier supplier of custom designed foam products, materials handling systems and specialty components, serving the needs of many large global manufacturing companies.

We are dedicated to constantly investing in new technology which will enhance the services we are able to provide to our customers.

Handy Scan is one such new investment which we are now using.

State-of-the-Art Technical Centre

Our technical centre in Northampton has the latest CAD design technology. Working with 5 networked Catia and Pro Engineer CAD stations the design team are able to lead the way with innovative solutions.

High quality precision prototypes are produced directly from CAD data using the latest technology in CNC machinery.

Our 3 computer controlled machines have multi tool change capabilities to speed sample production and efficiency. These powerful machines cut low to high densities of expanded foam to produce accurate samples for fit and evaluation. Hot wire cutting is also used where the dimensional tolerances are not super critical.

Extras our customers also benefit from?

  • Handy Scan portable CMMs and 3D imaging technology
  • CNC routers for sample making from any CAD drawing
  • CAD file translation (ProE, Catia, Iges, Step etc)
  • Dedicated project engineer support on all projects
  • Efficient new product indexing system
  • Management of new tooling implementation
  • Store, servicing and tool cleaning to ensure quality manufacture
  • Project Engineering support: PSW, PPAP and End of Life
  • Management and stock level forecasting
  • Just in time deliveries and warehouse storage

What does IATF 16949 mean for our customers?

  • Promotes alignment of the business leadership with those of its customers
  • It assures you that our process is working towards continuous improvement
  • Ensures products are manufactured to the customer standards
  • Helps us to manage ever increasing costs of business
  • Creates a focus on more efficient processing, meaning…
    • (Fewer rejects, line stoppages and optimised material usage)
    • Considers risk management & assures continuity of supply
    • It standardises a prompt & efficient reaction to concerns
    • It builds rigour into the development & introduction of new business
    • Assures employees are competent in meeting customer requirements