Client: Insul Hub Ltd
Industry: Construction
Services: Design Consultancy

As energy prices soar, home builders strive for ultra-efficient building materials that will offer outstanding thermal performance and low U values. Using an EPS Passive House foundations system for construction provides savings across materials, labour and time.

Project Scope

Insul Hub Ltd, on behalf of their client, approached Engineered Foam Products to manufacture the expanded polystyrene (EPS) components in a Passive House foundation system for use in a new eco home with a 100m2 footprint.
The property under construction was a self-build, modern upside-down eco home with bedrooms located on the ground floor and living areas situated above for the occupants to take full advantage of the panoramic views from the surrounding landscape once the build is complete.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Designed for Passive House Slab applications
  • Less excavation (EPS sits on a compacted layer of aggregate)
  • Trenchless – Reducing volume of concrete pour
  • Quicker slab installation ‘L’ profiles act as formwork
  • Quick/easy install – cut on site
  • Up to 50% savings on materials and labour

The Project

The Passive House insulated foundation system uses precision cut ‘L’ profiles and 100mm flat sheets of EPS100 positioned on a compacted lay of aggregate to create a large formwork matching the perimeter of the development.

A damp proof membrane, reinforcing steel rebar and services are positioned in the void prior to the concrete being poured in to form the slab for the building to sit upon. This project used just 32m3 of concrete for a slab covering 100m2.

This thermally efficient trenchless EPS foundation system contributes to the low energy Passive House standard helping new builds achieve a 90% reduction on energy demands for heating and cooling as well as reducing CO2 emissions as required for new build construction in the Part L updates for the Future Homes Standard. EPS Passive House foundations can also be used in conjunction with other modern methods of construction such as SIP’s and ICF’s.

Capabilities and Services

  • Manufacturing in accordance with BS EN 13163
  • Quality control tests in accordance with BS EN 13163
  • Technical design team
  • Block moulder and cutting line
    (contour, vertical, horizontal, cross-cut and auto recycle)
  • Profiling and labelling of parts offsite

Sustainable Materials

  • 100% recyclable and 98% air
  • Accredited to ISO14001
  • Inert – no chemical leaching
  • Block moulder with integrated recycling GWP and ODP value of zero
  • No CFC’s / HCFC’s used during manufacturing
  • A+ BRE Green Guide Rated Insulation

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