Our Story

Sustainable Innovation for Everyday Life

Engineered Foam Products have been moulding sustainable solutions for people’s everyday lives for over half a century.

Our heritage dates to the early 1960’s with our roots in the South West moulding simple shapes. As business took off two new sites in Livingston and Northampton were constructed to ensure the safe delivery of white goods to people’s homes with cleverly designed, energy absorbing packaging.

Whilst white goods packaging disappeared abroad in the 1990’s, Engineered Foam Products diversified and embraced technical foam moulding for the automotive industry, constructing a dedicated plant in Spennymoor and keeping manufacturing in the UK.

Today we lighten, insulate and protect using just 2-4% material in the process. We make cars lighter, improve automotive passenger safety, keep bees warm, protect fragile goods and make homes more energy efficient. We speed up composting, help children learn to swim and protect them when they ride bicycles and we reduce food waste by keeping it cooler for longer.

We chase the next challenge and diversify to bring our material benefits to new markets.

We have had a technical, resourceful and sustainable approach to the design and manufacture of foam products over the last 20 years leading to the latest chapter in our story and our new business name, Engineered Foam Products.

Engineered Foam Products are part of your everyday life. Engineered Foam Products lead with ideas and engineering innovation, and sustainable solutions follow.